What does fiber TV do for me?

A direct fiber-optic connection to your home means a more reliable way to watch your favorite shows. Our cutting-edge fiber technology gives you better picture, better channel options, and better flexibility. We don't do coax, and neither should you.

DVR Para Todo El Hogar

With ALLO's state-of-the-art cloud servers, you can record and watch recordings on every TV in your home. Our DVR service works everywhere without a bunch of bulky equipment.

Wireless TV Boxes

Tired of getting tripped up by extra wires and cables? Our TV boxes are wireless so go ahead and re-arrange the living room, your TV goes where you want with ALLO

Reiniciar TV

Never miss a moment with this incredible fiber TV feature. Basic TV customers can rewind up to four hours of live TV without using up any DVR storage.

ALLO's Fiber TV

You have options with ALLO. Choose Locals or Basic then tailor your viewing experience with adds on like expanded channels, music options, and premium movie channels. If traditional TV isn't your jam, we have alternatives.


Over 100 channels, including Locals

Anything but basic. This line up includes fan favorites like Disney, HGTV, ESPN, BTN, and more.


20+ channels included

Perfect for folks who want to stay on top of local and national news. This line up includes the must haves: ABC, NBC, PBS, CSPAN and more.

Instant Channel Change

Thanks to fiber-optics, you can channel surf seamlessly without the awkward lag and black screen popping up in between programs.

Receptores Inalámbricos

All you need is a power source and, well, a TV. It doesn't get easier than this.

DVR Para Todo El Hogar

Record from the living room, watch from the kitchen, rewind from the bedroom. Your DVR is everywhere you want it to be without bulky cables or boxes.

More of the streaming type?

We get it, traditional TV isn't for everyone. If you'd rather pick and choose your streaming options, ALLO fiber internet is the perfect partner. A direct fiber connection, symmetrical speeds, and uncapped data deliver a buffer-free binging experience.

Step 1: Get ALLO Fiber Internet

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Future Proof

We’re already thinking about what comes next, so you don’t have to. Life moves fast, your internet needs to move faster. We know you’re connecting more devices, so we don’t cap your data or throttle your speeds because, honestly, that’s a pretty terrible way to treat customers.


Our ALLO Blast Router, powered by Wi-Fi 6 certified technology provides stronger edge-to-edge coverage with seamless signal and speed throughout your entire home. Stream confidently with the power of an all-fiber network and an included router that supports over 250 devices simultaneously.

Sign Up For Service

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Step 2: Use MyBundle to Find the Best Service Options for You

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There are several ways to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, music, and live TV channels. MyBundle is a free tool that will help you find the best streaming options so you can choose the service that fits your family and your budget. Just enter some basic household information and what channels you use most often, and you'll get a list of compatible recommendations sent directly to you.

Build Your Streaming Bundle

Step 3: Sit back, relax and enjoy

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Break free from traditional TV. A streaming service tailored to you, paired with your fiber internet, backed by our 24/7 friendly, local support team.