Internet, TV y Teléfono de Fibra Óptica

Breckenridge, CO

ALLO offers the best internet, TV, and phone available in Breckenridge. No more buffering. No more lag. Just crazy fast internet and crystal-clear TV and phone service.

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It Doesn't Get Better Than ALLO in Breckenridge.

ALLO is proud to be partnering with the Town of Breckenridge to provide elevated connections to an elevated community. We're excited to utilize a world-class network to expand business opportunities, create jobs, and bring long-term sustainability, reliability, and speed to Breckenridge. Check out our fiber service map below. If you're in the green, now is the time to sign up for ALLO! If you're outside our fiber service area, fill out our Mantente informado, we'll be announcing new construction areas and service updates soon.

Breck Forward Fiber Infrastructure

Tienda ALLO

Horas:: 12PM - 4PM | Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Ubicación:: 105 Jefferson Ave.


Ventas: 970.771.4050 | Ayuda: 970.771.4550


Ventas: 970.771.4000 | Ayuda: 970.771.4500

With upload and download speeds from 500 Mbps to 1 GIG, you’ll never wait on the internet again. No buffering. No lag. Just crazy fast surfing, streaming, and downloading in Breckenridge.

Crystal-clear picture is just the beginning. Our wireless set-top boxes let you watch TV from anywhere in your Breckenridge home — even the garage or patio.

Keep your Breckenridge phone number. Get rid of the outdated service. And when you do, you'll enjoy free benefits like call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and voicemail.

Preguntas Sobre la Construcción?

We can help with that! Search your address in the map below for more detail on service timelines in your neighborhood. You can also visit our página de construcción para obtener más información sobre cómo construimos nuestra red de fibra óptica y la llevamos directamente a hogares y negocios en su comunidad. Si tiene preguntas o inquietudes, también puede comunicarse rápidamente con nuestro equipo en esta página.

Más Información
  • Construction Areas:
  • Ready for Install

¿Vives en un apartamento?

Great! We’d love to bring ALLO service to your building if we’re not there already. The timeline for your apartment may be different than the one you see in the map above. Please encourage your landlord to reach out to us on this page. And then submit your request for service here to get the process started.

Compare su Internet con ALLO Fiber

Si nunca ha experimentado ALLO, es difícil entender la diferencia entre las velocidades de Internet que ofrecen la mayoría de las empresas de Internet por cable y las velocidades que puede lograr con nuestra red 100% de fibra. Para comprender mejor, utilice esta prueba de velocidad para comparar diferentes tiempos de descarga entre ALLO y nuestros competidores.

ALLO download time: 3 seconds

ALLO Fiber
up to 2300 Mbps

Competitor download time: 1 minute 52 seconds

avg 25 Mbps

ALLO is up to 40x faster

Speed Test

¿Puede mantenerse al día su Interenet actual?

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Fibra Internet

There is nothing like ALLO’s 100% fiber internet delivered right to your Breckenridge home. You get consistent, secure connections with symmetrical (upload/download) speeds starting at 500 Mbps. That’s enough to download a full HD movie in less than two minutes.

Internet Veloz

Obtén velocidades de carga y descarga desde nuestro estándar de 500 Mbps hasta nuestra velocidad ultra rápida de 1 GIG.

Sin Pausas Ni Demoras

You won’t experience any service interruptions—whether you’re streaming 4K movies, using video chat, playing games over the internet, or doing all of them at the same time.

Conecta 250+ Aparatos Simultáneamente

With our FREE Blast router, your entire family can connect all of their devices without losing speed or service. Powered by Wi-Fi 6, this next generation of technology provides stronger edge-to-edge coverage with the seamless continuity of signal and speed through out your home.

Instalación GRATUITA

A diferencia de la mayoría de las empresas, no te cobramos por poner nuestro servicio en funcionamiento.

A diferencia de la mayoría de las empresas, no te cobramos por poner nuestro servicio en funcionamiento.

The ALLO IQ App provides ALLO internet customers with an easy to use tool for managing basic features on their Wi-Fi network, like SSID and password management, guest network management, Wi-Fi restrictions, and bandwidth testing.

La Diferencia de Fibra Internet de ALLO

  • Nuestra red 100% fibra óptica llega directamente a tu hogar
  • Velocidades empezando desde 500 Mbps
  • GRATIS router inalámbrico
  • Sin límites de datos

Opciones de Fibra Internet

500 Mbps

Fibra TV

The best picture quality available in Breckenridge. More than a hundred standard channels. Uninterrupted service. Get all of this and much more with ALLO Fiber TV.

Reiniciar TV

Rewind and watch the last four hours of live programming on our most popular channels. Enjoy over 100 channels of Restart TV included FREE with our DVR service.

110 Canales Básicos

You don’t need to give anything up to get a crystal-clear TV picture. And our basic package includes ESPN and Golf Channel.

Receptores Inalámbricos

Without cable, you can watch TV anywhere in your home—even on your patio or in your garage. Each box is only $6/month, including tax.

DVR Para Todo El Hogar

Graba hasta cuatro programas simultáneamente y ve programas grabados desde cualquier televisión en tu casa.

La Diferencia de Fibra TV de ALLO

  • Cambio de canal instantáneo sin retraso
  • Stream more than 80 channels from your desktop or mobile device (including ESPN )
  • Hasta 450 horas de almacenamiento en tu DVR
  • El nuevo servicio de TV incluye una prueba gratuita de 90 días* de Whole Home DVR
Channel Guides

Opciones de Fibra TV


Fibra Teléfono

Why switch your Breckenridge phone service to ALLO? Because your current service can’t offer the crystal-clear quality of our 100% fiber network. Plus, you get great rates and free features without signing any contracts.

Alta Claridad

Ningún otro proveedor puede ofrecer la calidad de nuestra red de fibra óptica.

Bloqueo de Llamadas Automáticas

This feature blocks incoming phone calls that use a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot.

Funciones Avanzadas Gratis

Con ALLO, no pagarás más por llamadas en espera, desvío de llamadas, identificador de llamadas o correo de voz.

La Diferencia de Fibra Teléfono de ALLO

  • Mantén tu número de teléfono actual
  • Larga distancia ilimitada en los U.S.*

Opciones de Fibra Teléfono


¡Mantente Informado!

Te mantendremos informado con las últimas noticias e información sobre el servicio y la disponibilidad de ALLO.