High-Key Internet.

Free student speed upgrade.

Low-Key Price.

Do you have to go to the library just to work on schoolwork because you can't trust your home service?

Let us fix that.

With ALLO fiber and the student internet upgrade, your house will be the place to go for crazy fast speeds and the most reliable connection. Saving some extra cash is pretty awesome too.

GIG Student Savings

You might qualify for discounted ALLO service!

We offer a student internet deal you will want to take advantage of! Eligible college students can receive 1 GIG service for the price of 500 Mbps or 2.3 GIG for the price of 1 GIG where available. We know how important a stable connection is when working hard towards your degree. From testing online, joining virtual class video calls, and late-night studying, you need ALLO’s reliable internet that can keep up. Plus, you’ll love buffer-free streaming, lag-free gaming, and hassle-free scrolling during your study breaks.

Check out the program qualifications below to see if you qualify.

  • Student must be enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institution.
  • Student identification must be verified.
    • For new customers, verification will be prompted during the sign-up process online, by phone, or at our store.
    • For existing customers, verification will be initiated by submitting the Upgrade Existing Service form below and checking the ‘Yes, I am a current student’ box under the Student Upgrade Promotion section. You may also contact us by phone, chat, or at our store.
  • ALLO account must be in the student's name.
  • One active account and location is allowed per student.
  • Address on account must be where the student currently resides.
  • Student verification must be renewed annually.

Same price. Double the speed.

College students get GIG savings on GIG speeds with ALLO! Any eligible student may receive one of the internet speed discounts below. Sign up for ALLO or upgrade your existing service for an A+ (connection) you can count on.


for the price of

500 Mbps

2.3 GIG*

for the price of


The ALLO Wi-Fi Experience

No more stressing if your service will hold up long enough to complete that last-minute assignment. Your direct fiber connection will be there for you on those late nights and early mornings. We've got you covered through all the notes, virtual classes, and procrastination scrolling.

Lag-free gaming

Seamless Streaming

Zero Interruption Studying

No hidden charges.
No expiration dates.
No contracts .

©2022 ALLO Communications. ALLO is a registered trademark of ALLO Communications. All rights reserved. Pricing, packages, and promotions are subject to change or be discontinued without notice. Offer valid for qualifying residential customers to receive free upgrade to 1 GIG at the 500 Mbps monthly rate [or choose 2.3 GIG at the 1 GIG monthly rate]. To qualify, you must be a current student in a post-secondary educational program or standard rates will apply. Free speed upgrade can only be applied to one account/location per qualifying participant. Name on current school ID and documentation of residency at the service location must match name on the ALLO account. Excluded from Bulk MDU properties. Annual verification is required every 12 months to receive a free speed upgrade. Promotion is valid through June 30, 2023.