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We built our network for more than just streaming and scrolling. We built it to handle everything our hardest hitting users can throw at it. If your current connection isn’t keeping up with all your matches, raids, and battles, it’s time to level up with ALLO.


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We could talk fiber and network capacity until you’re blue in the face but we know our customers really say it best when it comes to their experience with ALLO service.

We chose ALLO for the unparalleled speed, low latency, and reliability that fiber provides. ALLO is BY FAR the best internet in North Platte. We can download updates extremely quickly, decreasing turnaround time for customers. We are also able to upload video content in seconds!

Computer Clinic North Platte, NE

Reliability…it's perfect! Have not had one outage or lag in service, no throttling, nothing. Just fast, reliable service that runs all of our household needs and then some. This is coming from a house that can have three PS4s, a computer, and two phones running all at the same time.

Amie Lincoln, NE

Unleash Your Gaming Potential

Meet Jackson Wahl, AKA Juicy J. He recently stole the show at the World Cyber Games in Xian, China. He uses his ALLO fiber connection to absolutely demolish the competition in Clash Royale.

I honestly believe ALLO is the best internet available in Lincoln. I’m passionate about helping people understand the need for a truly reliable connection.

- Jackson Wahl, AKA Juicy J

The Numbers Don't Lie

Screenshot of Riot Games Lag Report

ALLO's all-fiber network also sits atop the community leaderboard of the Lag Report, created by Riot Games. Having a network with the lowest possible latency can be the difference between life and death when the game's on the line. When you compare our latency to Spectrum in Lincoln, we're 33 milliseconds faster. Check out the full report to see how the stats compare in your community.

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