Is Your Internet aPain in the Asterisk 

Break free from misery.

Switch Today

Break free from misery.

Switch Today

Award Winning Fiber Internet

Break Free from Misery

Bad internet is a headache. ALLO Fiber is the cure. No contracts, simplified billing, a direct fiber line that goes straight to your house, and 24/7 customer support that will never send you to a robot. This is the internet service you've been waiting for. Get real speed, real support, and the best internet experience around, for real. Make the switch today.

Step 1
Surprise! Your internet is out!
It was only a matter of time.
Step 2
Time to call support.
Crossing my fingers that this is the right number.
Step 3
Speak to a robot.
Where have all the humans gone?
Step 4
Placed on hold for the 4,359,872,345 time.
*looks for phone charger and comfort food*
Step 5
Finally get through to customer "service."
Internet is back on, but now I am clocked out.
Step 6
Repeat every month.
My time isn't the only thing I've lost!
Or break free from misery and call ALLO.

Make the Switch to ALLO Fiber

Say goodbye to bad internet misery and say ALLO to local support from a company that believes in better internet.

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Honest Pricing
Quick, FREE Install and Setup
Timely Techs
No Contracts

Couldn't be any happier after switching over. With our last provider I feel like I spent most of my time checking my connection, but with ALLO I don't check it anymore, I just know it's not going to lag or buffer.

BillyGrand Island, NE

I just got connected with ALLO internet and TV - and WOW! I love the availability and speed of it all. I am happy to be an ALLO customer!

TiffanyGreeley, CO

Just had ALLO installed and I am so darn HAPPY!!!! Lightning fast internet and their channel line up is great. So happy we switched. We live in the middle of nowhere, and the other two cable companies have horrible service.

KathyLake Havasu City, AZ

No Robots. No Data Caps. No Kidding.

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