Your City is Now a Smart Gigabit Community.

ALLO Communications, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and FUSE Coworking have come together to bring the city of Lincoln next-generation gigabit applications. For these efforts, US Ignite, a non-profit organization funded by the National Science Foundation, has designated Lincoln as a Smart Gigabit Community.

The goal is for Lincoln to create a Digital Town Square available to students, entrepreneurs, and businesses. The Digital Town Square will help them develop applications to better compete in the digital economy.
-Mayor Chris Beutler

Lincoln is now one of less than 25 officially designated communities in the US working together to increase new economic and social opportunities through the development of advanced gigabit applications.

ALLO is fulfilling its goal of bringing a state-of-the-art, fiber-to-the-home gigabit network to the Lincoln community in order to expand business opportunities, create jobs, and improve quality of life for Nebraskans.

Hear from the Lincoln Journal Star or US Ignite, Inc about the recent recognition. You can also visit to learn more about US Ignite and the Smart Gigabit Communities program.