ALLO Sponsors Nebraska Greats Volume 1 Book

“Just like ALLO connects Husker Nation, their support will help get this book published and support TeamMates Mentoring and The Nebraska Greats Foundation.”

Phil Whitmarsh, Co-founder and Chief Navigator at Redbrush

Coming in 2024 to a coffee table near you – Nebraska Greats & Teammates; Profiles of Husker Volleyball Heroes – a book showcasing Nebraska’s Volleyball players through history. Celebration is an understatement when it comes to the legacies of Nebraska’s former athletes, and ALLO is committed to supporting the Greats in our own backyard by eagerly joining the team as the corporate sponsor of this first volume.

“Just like ALLO connects Husker Nation, their support will help get this book published and support TeamMates Mentoring and The Nebraska Greats Foundation,” says Phil Whitmarsh, Co-founder and Chief Navigator at Redbrush, a local publishing services company. “ALLO’s support is really what’s made this project get its start this season, instead of waiting until next year.”

The title will feature 20 Nebraska Volleyball favorites through in-depth interviews, photographs, and conference film highlights. Nebraska fans will get an inside look at each players’ personal sports careers and lives, both at Nebraska and beyond. The book will do good while featuring the greats – a portion of sales will support TeamMates Mentoring and The Nebraska Greats Foundation.

Volume 1 is just the beginning of a larger initiative to feature the best of Husker Nation across several sports and has the support of Nebraska Athletics and Athletic Director, Trev Alberts. We’re ALLO ‘bout being local and supporting the athletes that inspire Nebraskans year after year and we are overwhelmingly excited for the release of Volume 1.

About the Authors

The book’s in-depth interviews will be conducted by two Husker Volleyball greats themselves. Maggie Griffin (2005-2008) is the founder and primary partner behind VCNebraska, a youth volleyball club elevating the sport for young women with instruction, practice, and expert guidance since 2011. Tara Mueller (2007-2010) is also a licensed Realtor® in the Lincoln market and is also on staff with VCNebraska as a beach volleyball and hard court instructor.

About Redbrush

Redbrush is a publishing services provider that was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska, in late 2013. Owned and co-founded by Jay Wilkson of Firespring Print & Marketing, Redbrush helps writers indie publish their own books and other specialty publishing products. As the company’s chief navigator, Phil Whitmarsh is the project manager for the company and the managing editor of the forthcoming Nebraska Greats & Teammates book series.

About The Nebraska Greats Foundation

The Nebraska Greats Foundation provides emergency assistance to former letter winning athletes from each of the sixteen four-year colleges and Universities in Nebraska who face a medical need and a financial challenge. At no time do grant recipients ever receive a direct subsidy. All payments are made to preapproved providers.

About TeamMates Mentoring

The TeamMates Mentoring Program began in 1991 with the vision of University of Nebraska Head Football Coach Tom Osborne and his wife Nancy. It now serves thousands of boys and girls across the Midwest, and its mentors come from all walks of life. One thing, however, remains the same—our mentors just have to be there. It’s that simple.