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Hidden Valley

We’re determining the need for ALLO service in new areas of Lincoln. Please let us know if you’d like to have access to ALLO’s 100% fiber-optic network in your neighborhood.

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Hidden Valley - Lincoln, NE

The ALLO team is currently investigating the need for fiber-optic service in the Hidden Valley area of Lincoln, NE. We’re evaluating the cost of expansion and the level of interest to determine potential fiber development in this area. Here’s how it works:
  1. 1: Completed

    Step 1. Status: complete

    The ALLO Network and Design teams determine the cost of expansion in this area.

  2. 2: Completed

    Step 2. Status: complete

    We need to hear from you! Click the button below to show your interest in ALLO and help us measure the need for fiber-optic service in your neighborhood.

  3. 3: Completed

    Step 3. Status: complete

    Once we obtain the necessary amount of interest to sustain expansion, we’ll develop the construction plan and get to work.

We’re Bringing ALLO to You!

Residents of Hidden Valley, you did it!

You asked, and we listened. Several of your neighbors have requested ALLO service. We will begin building our 100% fiber-optic network in the Hidden Valley neighborhood. Our team is beyond excited to continue growing our fiber footprint in Lincoln, NE. Lightning-fast reliable service coming to you soon!


More signatures needed to bring ALLO to your neighborhood.

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Hidden Valley Pricing

Over our nearly 20 years of fiber construction experience, the ALLO team has come to understand that every neighborhood is different. Unique obstacles, infrastructure changes, and sometimes total surprises are all a part of the equation. In order to sustain the cost of this fiber build we must account for the amount of fiber needed, the size of the lots we'll provide service to, and the density of the neighborhood.

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