1 Year of free GIG internet

For three graduating seniors

You put in the work to get to graduation. Now, let ALLO's GIG service work for you.

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If we've learned anything in the last few months, it's that strong connections matter. We're all about providing reliable service, but we're also about helping people chase their dreams, accomplish their goals, and press on confidently. With an ALLO connection, our fiber family can move forward faster.

This giveaway is about giving back, encouraging success, and helping people thrive. So, we’re giving three graduating seniors one year of GIG internet completely free. Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, you’ve worked hard to get here, and you deserve this.

The ALLO Way

You deserve a reliable connection.

We believe you will do great things.

Together, we will continue to connect.

The Stories

Jackson Wahl

Sponsored ALLO Gamer and Lincoln Lutheran High School Senior.

Justin Williamson

ALLO Hosted PBX Specialist, New Dad, Senior at Chadron State College.

What's Your Story?

Tell us how you've been affected during your senior year. Email the video to: feedback@allophone.net.

Enter to Win

Whether you're off to college or to a new career, this free GIG service will travel with you as long as you're in an ALLO fiber-ready community.

If you're a graduating high school or college senior, enter to win free GIG service for a year by filling out the form below before May 15th!

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