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Is your business an easy target for cybercriminals? It’s time to take these security threats seriously. Next Gen Firewall is designed to do just that. More than just equipment, Next Gen Firewall from ALLO Business is a comprehensive service that keeps watch on your network at all times. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough in effectiveness and affordability for small and mid-size businesses.

Limit your exposure to:

  • Ransomware that can lock your files
  • Viruses and malware that will slow your system and put client data at risk
  • Network intrusions that allow hackers to assume employees’ identities
  • Botnet ‘comment and control centers’ that can take over your system
  • Phishing attacks that trick employees into clicking email links to malicious sites
  • Liability to employee theft of intellectual property arising from unauthorized downloads
  • Insider attacks perpetrated by employees or vendors who have ready access to your
  • Limit your exposure to web content a user is authorized to access. It improves security,
    prevents objectionable activities and increases productivity within an organization

The firewall can be utilized for VPN connections for remote users or other locations at no additional charge.

ALLO Business Next Gen Firewall

A breakthrough in protection compared to other providers.

Comparison of ALLO Business Next Gen Firewall and Standard/Next-Gen Firewall
Firewall Feature Standard Firewall Next Gen Firewall
On-Premise Firewall
Comprehensive Event Logging and Retention
Deep Packet Inspection
Intrusion Protection
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection
Web Site Blocking
BotNet Protection
Data and User Monitoring
Cloud-based SIEM Support
AI-Enabled Threat Analysis
24×7 Monitoring and Threat Remediation
2 Hour Configuration Change Turnaround
Disaster Recovery/Emergency Spares
Secure WiFi (both corporate and guest)
Local Technical Support
Comprehensive Network Design Services
Offered by some providers
Included feature

Comprehensive protection is a phone call away.

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