This Veterans Day ALLO is proud to partner with the History Channel, North Platte Madison Middle School, and Bluffs Middle School in Scottsbluff to pay tribute to our local heroes. Take a Veteran to School Day is a national program connecting students with veterans to share their stories, experiences, and give thanks for their service. Several members of our ALLO team have served in the military and we want to recognize and thank them for their service to our country: Jason Davis, Charles Kramer, Robby Miller, Philip Pleiss, and Will Smith.

North Platte Madison Middle School will be welcoming Sergeant Pleiss as an alumnus of the school and their Veteran this year. He has just recently returned to the United States after serving in Djibouti, Africa for nine months with the Army Reserves working with a joint task force involving all four branches of the military. He served as a member of the 98th Expeditionary Signals Battalion and was a lead technician working with Africom Data Sharing Network (ADSN). His mission with ADSN, which serves the entire continent of Africa, was to build defense capabilities and enable their partners in African nations to work together to combat violent extremism.

Sergeant Pleiss’ technical skills from college combined with his experience and work at ALLO put him in a unique position during his time in Africa. He was promoted and spent time in the Republic of Seychelles as a Deputy Liaison Officer, one of only two military personnel in the area. He maintained a communications terminal there as well as managing any U.S. military personnel coming into or out of the area. Although he was far from home, he kept in constant communication with his family and even met with a group from Lincoln who came through the Seychelles while he was posted there. When the group found out he worked at ALLO they immediately asked when ALLO would provide service in the Lincoln area, we’re feeling the ALLO love all over the world.

His wife and two children are thrilled to have him home and we at ALLO are excited to welcome him back to work. Thank you for all you do Philip!