2019 ALLO Football Promotion Terms and Conditions

Get free ALLO fiber Internet service if Nebraska’s football team wins the conference Championship Game on December 7, 2019 (“Offer”). New and existing ALLO customers are eligible to receive one year free of ALLO Fiber Internet service beginning December 15, 2019 through December 14, 2020 (“Free Year Period”). This Offer is valid for a limited time between July 22, 2019, and September 13, 2019 (“Offer Period”), and is open only to residential ALLO customers. Eligible customers must have active internet service on the date of the conference Championship Game to be eligible for this Offer. Eligible customers are new customers who sign up for ALLO’s 300 Mbps or 1 GIG fiber Internet options during the Offer Period and have scheduled installation on or before September 13, 2019 (“Schedule Period”) and have service installed by September 30, 2019 (“Installation Period”). Existing customers are eligible when upgrading internet speeds to ALLO’s 300 Mbps or 1 GIG service during the Schedule Period and installed during the Installation Period.

Customers that have 1 GIG service are eligible for the Offer by purchasing a Smart Home Service during the Offer Period, scheduling installation during the Schedule Period and installing the Smart Home Service during the Installation Period (1 Gig Eligible Customers). The Free Year Period for 1 Gig Eligible Customers is equal to the monthly Smart Home Service fees.

If Nebraska’s football team wins, eligible customers will receive 12 monthly credits during the Free Year Period equal to the monthly Internet charge on their account as of the Installation Period. To receive the Offer, eligible customers must remain with an Internet speed equal to or greater than the speed of service obtained as of the Installation Period during the Free Year Period and must be in good standing on their ALLO account. Eligible customers who lose eligibility for the Offer during the Free Year Period will no longer receive the Free Year Period monthly credit. Customers will then be billed monthly for recurring service charges, applicable equipment charges and state and federal taxes and fees, until the ALLO service is cancelled. Customers who no longer wish to receive ALLO service may cancel at any time. Upon cancellation of services, customers will be required to return ALLO-supplied equipment.

This Offer applies only to ALLO Fiber Internet service and excludes ALLO Internet products of less than 300 Mbps speed, ALLO’s 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, and bulk agreements for hotels and/or residents of multiple-dwelling units. Existing customers currently receiving 6-months free upgrade to GIG fiber Internet or three-year price lock guarantee for GIG fiber Internet are not eligible to receive a monthly credit for a sum greater than the monthly internet charges billed. No refunds or credits will be provided for any partial period of redemption or unused services during the Free Year Period. This Offer may not be combined with any other ALLO promotion, discount, or offer. This Offer is non-transferable and is not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent.

By registering for ALLO service, you (i) accept the terms of this Offer; (ii) acknowledge you are subject to ALLO’s Subscriber Agreement for Residential Services; (iii) agree that ALLO may contact you by email regarding special offers from time to time; (iv) understand and agree that the fiber installed or provided by ALLO will remain connected on the premise through the duration of the services, as well as after the termination of the services; and (v) acknowledge and agree that you or a third party may not remove, replace, rearrange, attach to, or repair the fiber network. Installation of fiber service will usually follow the same route as existing telephone or television cabling, and the fiber shall become a fixture to the realty upon installation. ALLO reserves the right to extend, modify, eliminate, or reduce the details and dates of this Offer at any time at its sole discretion. After such termination, ALLO shall not be obligated to redeem any further free service for a year offers. ALLO reserves the right to deny this Offer to customers that avoid or impede attempts to complete installation by October 1, 2019. Other restrictions may apply.