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April 21st, 2015

Happy #TechnologyTuesday! Our #FiberFact today is really good news for home owners! A fiber optic connection has been shown to increase the value of your home an average of $5,250 on a $300,000 home. Just further proof that there’s so much more to ALLO than the usual TV, Internet, and Phone service. Article: Gigabit Internet Connections Make Property Values Rise.


April 14th, 2015

Happy ‪#‎TechnologyTuesday‬! Today we hope you’ll enjoy ALLO’s Reality Checks, because with us you get the FACTS not the hype. ALLO’s Reality Checks


April 7th, 2015

Happy #TechnologyTuesday! Today’s #FiberFactcomes to you from the Washington Post. They challenge you to find all the wireless devices in the home pictured and report that, on average, today’s homes have at least 24 connected devices. Can you spot them all? By 2020 the average number of devices per household is expected to rise to 50! Will you stay connected or be left in the dust with outdated equipment and technology?

Household Devices


March 31st, 2015

Happy ‪#‎TechnologyTuesday‬! Today’s ‪#‎FiberFact‬ is that ALLO routers can manage up to SIXTEEN wireless devices at once and depending on your device capability, can run 1 GIGABIT Internet to all of them. And even better? We don’t charge you an extra $5 month for it! 


March 24th, 2015

Happy ‪#‎TechnologyTuesday‬! Today’s ‪#‎FiberFact‬? Your wireless network can now be as fast as your awesome ALLO Internet Speeds. With GIG internet from ALLO paired with our Wireless AC GIG Router, you can now surf faster than ever without the cord!


March 17th, 2015

Happy ‪#‎TechnologyTuesday‬! Did you know ALLO offers free email service hosted by Gmail? If you don’t have an address call customer service and we’ll set you up with one free today! And if you do, read the article below for some great Gmail tips you may not have known about. Gmail Tricks


March 10th, 2015

Happy ‪#‎TechnologyTuesday‬! Apple just released all the exciting details behind the highly anticipated Apple Watch yesterday. But it’s what they’re NOT saying that may be more important. Will you be investing in their latest gadget?  


March 3rd, 2015

Happy ‪#‎TechnologyTuesday‬! Today’s ‪#‎FiberFact‬: The fiber future actually has a long history. Fiber optics have been around since the 1870s and were even used in NASA’s television cameras for the moon landing. From the moon to your living room, there’s a reason we like to brag about our superior service!


February 24th, 2015

Happy #TechnologyTuesday! In lieu of a #fiberfact this week we’re pumped to announce the roll-out of fiber service installations in Gering! As of 1PM we’re happy to welcome Kim and Merry as new ALLO customers!


February 17th, 2015

Happy #TechnologyTuesday! Today’s #FiberFact: Fiber is more SECURE. It’s much easier for uninvited guests (hackers!)  to tap into electrical wiring than it is for them to tap into fiber optics. Since fiber doesn’t radiate electromagnetic energy, data cannot be intercepted. Physically tapping fiber takes great skill and cost to go undetected. So rest easy ALLO customers, your information is SAFER with FIBER!


February 10th, 2015

It’s #TechnologyTuesday and it’s time for another #fiberfact! Fiber is FASTER. Data is transmitted faster because of the increased capacity of fiber optic cables. Fiber can theoretically send terabytes per second of data without so much as a 3% data loss over 100 meters. Copper cabling suffers significant signal loss, up to 94% over 100 meters. Further proof your data goes the distance with ALLO.


February 3rd, 2015

Happy #TechnologyTuesday, here’s your #FiberFact for the day…
Did you know fiber is GREEN? The energy cost to send an electrical signal over miles of wiring is dozens of times the amount of energy needed to send a brief flash of light over the same distance with fiber. Lower energy = lower carbon footprint. Just one more reason to feel good about ALLO service.