Kelsey Craig is a Customer Service Representative Trainer working out of the Scottsbluff office and will be celebrating her 2 year ALLOversary in February.  In that short time, Kelsey has transitioned from CSR to a successful Residential CSR trainer  and also assists with cross training other departments.  We admire Kelsey’s persistence and hard work at ALLO and hope you enjoy getting to know her!

What is your role at ALLOs? 

My current role is a Residential CSR Trainer and I’m also the world renowned Retirement Home SME (Subject Matter Expert).  I train new CSR’s and get them ready to take calls and assist customers with their daily billing and account questions, as well as to get the CSR’s comfortable with navigating our new Billing system. In regards to the Retirement Home SME – I’ve been able to learn how to navigate the system specific to these homes and learn the in’s & out’s of their billing and services. 


What do you love about Nebraska?

I love the scenery and lack of noise. There are not many places in the country you can go and stand in the middle of a field, and just hear “nothing.” I feel so at peace!


What three traits define you? 

Honest, Enthusiastic & Persistent. I am so persistent, I am sure I drive people nuts!


What is your favorite ALLO service feature and why?

I love our start over TV & DVR 9dcswzq. Often, the shows that I watch are earlier in the day and I don’t get to see them before I get home, or I’ll tune in about 30 minutes into the program already on. I enjoy that I can either DVR ahead of time (multiple shows) or I can get home and rewind without it adding onto the shows I’ve already DVR’d (And reserves space!).


Tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise us? 

It may be of no surprise to my fellow co-workers, but it may surprise the readers – I am deathly afraid of moose. Yes, Moose. The sight of their huge antlers makes my heart skip a beat. They have come close to our city in recent years, and I can guarantee – it’s because they can smell my fear. They keep getting closer!

How would your coworkers describe you? 

I’m the crazy cat-lady. I’m the Seahawk loving, cat picture sharing, Residential Trainer. 


What makes you happy?

My husband, my son, my two cats (Moo and Felix) & football. Unfortunately as of the date of this interview, my football season is over, but my son is a Packer fan, so I guess I have to be the reluctant cheerleader for his team. (It’s still football, right?). I also enjoy spending time traveling with my family and giving belly rubs to my cats and posting pictures of them, they are just a riot. 


If you could go on vacation tomorrow, what destination would you pick?

Hands down, I would go to Seattle. My heart is in that city. I’ve been there twice and each time I find it harder to leave. I’m not from there, it’s just a beautiful city, surrounded by beautiful landscape 


What do you look forward to in your future at ALLO? 

I look forward to the growth, both internally and externally. The sky is the limit here.