Amber is a new addition to our Allo installation crew out of Scottsbluff and will be the primary technician for all our new friends in Alliance.  We love her enthusiasm for her work and we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her! If you see her around Alliance be sure to say, “Hello!”


Are you a Native Nebraskan?  Yes, I am a Nebraska native, and a Gering High School graduate.


Favorite food? Mexican food


Farthest place you’ve traveled? As a kid I traveled to many states with my father who was a truck driver. We went to Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Nevada to name a few.


Favorite guilty pleasure TV show? Cops


How many years experience do you have with technical installs? I previously worked for Comcast/Xfinity out of Denver for two years as an Independent contractor. I did field work as a technician as well as training in the field using coax. I was also a welder on wind turbines and a Quality Control Inspector for a small company based out of Denmark called Aluwind in Castle Rock for three years. I’ve always enjoyed labor jobs that require hands on work.


Favorite color? Red


If you could hop on a plane in the next 15 minutes, where would you go and why? I would have to say Australia so I can see how they install cable “down under.” Ha-ha! No, I’ve always wanted to go on a safari there.


You were overheard at our holiday party saying “Once you do one installation, it’s like an addiction.” That is an awesome line, can you expand on that? The process of an installation is exhilarating. The more challenging the job, the more exciting it is for me. To see an install completed is the best feeling ever and it leaves me wanting to take on more and more.


Do you have Allo service? What’s your favorite feature? Yes! I love that I can take my Allo TV service with me anywhere I go on my laptop or phone with our streaming service (Watch TV Everywhere). This is especially amazing when I travel out of the area. And our internet is amazingly fast! I’m super spoiled with how fast our internet is, it’s a must have by far for me!


What do you love about Nebraska? I would have to say our football season for the HUSKERS!! Go Big RED!!


Any given Saturday afternoon, we might find you doing what? I love hiking and being outdoors with my family and my 2 dogs. And anything to do with MUSIC.


Final thoughts? I absolutely love how Allo has let me into the “family” like I’m one of them. The Scottsbluff team treats the same as everyone else. It’s almost like I have 30 big brothers. I love what I do and love the team that is preparing me for Alliance.


Hi Amber!