Marketing versus Exceptional Service


During the past several weeks, one of our competitors has attempted to “re-brand” the business services they provide to our local communities.  With a “spectrum” of claims, several business owners have spoken to me about this new marketing campaign. Whenever a new claim or campaign comes out, I simply call the company and ask for the details.  In this version of spin, they claim to be low price and faster than all the others.  So what is the reality and what has really changed?



Pricing Claims

After about 15 minutes working through voice prompts and being on hold, I was able to determine that the new business services pricing is only for new customers and only for the first 12 months.  In month 13, the internet costs increase by $20 per month and the telephone costs increase by $10 per month per line.  Or another way of looking at it, the deal is for the first year and then pricing returns to normal.  Ultimately, a business can receive some short term savings with no increase in service or benefits while still facing the same customer service delays (see voice prompt discussion above) and network issues.


Speed Claims

This company has a network with inherent speed limitations, however, they are faster than DSL.  That’s not exactly breaking news, most current technologies are faster than DSL.  I also find it interesting that they compare their business speeds to AT&T, a company who doesn’t serve our area, rather than the clear front-runner in local service and speed, ALLO fiber.


Yes, cable is faster than DSL.  This company advertises a best efforts 60 Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload for businesses which, granted, is faster than DSL.  ALLO’s standard service is 55 Mbps download and 55 Mbps upload for $55 per month on FIBER.  This is a fairly priced service with almost 15x faster upload speed and customers consistently receive the stated download speed.  Additionally, ALLO offers speeds of 100 Mbps and 1 gigabit download and upload.  The focus is quickly switching to upload speeds, especially for businesses.  Credit cards, ordering, cloud-based computer programs, and large data transfers all require great upload speeds.


Simply, no matter how you market it, ALLO’s fiber is faster than their cable network.  Fiber delivers a more consistent and dependable service.  There are reasons that communities are competing to get all-fiber gigabit networks like ALLO provides; fiber is superior to other networks for today’s as well as tomorrow’s business uses.


New Name – Same Service

Finally, the competing communications companies in our area are among the lowest ranked in customer satisfaction comparing across all industries.  With these poor rankings, how do they change the perception rather than fixing the service issues?  It appears the easiest way is to have a name change.


We are currently celebrating our 10th year of providing fiber service and all with the same name, ALLO.  In that time, other cable and DSL companies have gone through six or seven names and have marketed each new name as a great change in service and capabilities.  ALLO will not be changing our name because we are extremely proud of the reputation we have built in our communities.



ALLO – Consistent Service and Pricing

At ALLO, we have four values that provide the direction for our business and hardworking crew:

  • Local – Be a part of and support our communities.
  • Honest – Tell the truth to customers in conversations and marketing.  At ALLO, we don’t hide behind the fine print or make claims that are misleading.  ALLO does not use a “teaser rate” to get people to switch to our service and then have huge increases.  Always fair pricing is our style.
  • Hassle Free – ALLO works hard to make it easy to do business with us.   Easy at conversion, with questions, paying bills, or getting advice, ALLO wants to eliminate the difficulty of technology and corporate rules.
  • Exceptional – Last but not least, ALLO strives to be exceptional in all we do.  An all-fiber network, modern telephone service, outstanding television interface and friendly customer service combine for an exceptional experience.  While no one is perfect, at ALLO, we strive to be exceptional in all that we do.


In the end, ALLO is providing local businesses a superior product at a fair price.  No marketing tricks or confusion, just simply exceptional service over our “spectrum” of products.  I know that our business customers understand and appreciate the ALLO all-fiber difference.