Many of our ALLO customers get to meet and interact with several of our fiber teams including the front office, customer support, technical support, and our installation and troubleshooting teams. That’s a lot of face time with a variety of fiber experts and you might think that would cover it. Actually there’s a long list of teams that exist behind the magic fiber curtain and although you may never see or hear from them, they’re helping make ALLO service truly exceptional each day. So to give you a better understanding of how we make better service a reality for our customers, we’d like to introduce you to the Network Design team and two of its members, Jim and Robert. As network designers, these two help operate ALLO’s core infrastructure which carries all our customer video, voice, and data traffic.

Jim came to ALLO after 10 years with a nationwide ALLO competitor and has a diverse background in network engineering. Jim says, “After 10 years at a large company, I was tired of the ‘customer second’ mentality and that’s what really brought me to ALLO. Taking care of a customer and going the extra mile is just part of my character, I’ll settle for nothing less.” He and his team are constantly looking for ways to improve our network and enhance the customer experience. A little known fact about his team? They work when you sleep. In order to avoid interruptions in service, their work must happen when the least amount of people are online or watching TV so we never hold the bedhead and bleary eyes against them when they roll into the office after several hours of early morning maintenance. When asked what he loves most about ALLO Jim explained, “I enjoy being able to wear an ALLO shirt in public. People come up and brag about our service or ask how soon they can get it. What we are doing as a company is truly changing the way people see service providers. It’s exciting to have people stop you on the street and tell you how much better we are than our competitors.” When he’s not working late or maintaining ALLO’s rock star status in the telecom industry, Jim loves being outside. Whether hunting, fishing, spending time with his wife and son, or restoring old vehicles, he says he loves any opportunity to escape the keyboard.

Robert also came to ALLO from a well-known competitor. If you’re seeing a trend here, we’re not shy about admitting, we love experts in their field, no matter how terrible their previous employers may have been. When asked why he chose ALLO Robert said, “I had a choice to stay with my previous company and go nowhere, or go to this cutting edge company called ALLO. I made the decision to switch for the same reasons our customers choose ALLO.” As a member of the network design team, Robert believes their biggest priority is ensuring our customers have a consistently awesome experience. He says the best part of working for ALLO is the people he is surrounded by, “We are like a family and I look forward to working with an elite team of professionals each day.” Outside of ALLO, Robert’s most likely spending time with his wife and five kids, playing music, or building awesome stuff for fun.

No matter which team we’re interviewing, the passion and pride each of them take in their work and our company, is always obvious. We’re lucky to have their knowledge, their commitment to exceptional service, and their ability to stay up late and keep ALLO awesome.