We may be a little biased but we’re pretty sure we work with some of the best people on the planet. If you’ve been following our department series, most of our employees find a new way to say just that about their fellow coworkers at ALLO. So how do we get such amazing people to join our team? It starts with our recruiting team who hands the baton to Dianna and Lesley for employee orientation and on-boarding. These two play an important role in bringing new fiber fans into the fold and keeping them challenged and committed to the ALLO core values: honest, exceptional, local, and hassle-free.

Dianna wears many ALLO hats but she is primarily responsible for new employee on-boarding in Lincoln. Starting a new job can be overwhelming but Dianna makes sure all the necessities appear as if by magic so the first day is a little less stressful thanks to her. She explains, “I basically do whatever anyone asks which means my day is never dull. If I didn’t have interruptions, I’d wonder what was going on!” That attitude alone encompasses so much of what we do at ALLO, getting things done correctly and efficiently so we can better serve our customers. Dianna believes the difference between us and the other guys is that even though we’re growing quickly, “We still keep the small town feel of ALLO.” When she’s not at work, she say she’s often at home and calls herself a bit of a homebody. But we have a hard time believing that when she tells us she has lost track of the number of half marathons she’s run and just finished her fifth full marathon! Plus she’s the proud mom of two son’s Cody and Jake who she often travels to see in Oklahoma. When she finally does get some downtime, her favorite streaming binge is “How to get Away with Murder.” It’s always the ones you least suspect, stay sharp Lincoln!

Lesley recently relocated from Lincoln to Imperial but she often makes the rounds across all our locations, helping to manage, develop, and retain our talented group of employees. She says, “Our team members are central to delivering a great customer experience. If I can help develop employees and keep things hassle-free to work here, then they make it even better for our customers to be with ALLO.” Lesley and Dianna often get referred to as the ALLO cheerleaders. Their upbeat attitudes and willingness to go the extra mile often emerge as office dance contests and surprise treats on Tuesdays but a lot more goes into it than even our own team may know. Lesley says she is constantly researching retention trends, working on policy, and finding new ways to deliver a positive experience to retain top talent and develop high-performing teams. When thinking about how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors Lesley says she’s proud of the fact that we actually listen and take customer feedback seriously. When she’s not cheering on the ALLO team she’s often volunteering, spending time with family, or possibly binge-watching Downtown Abbey.

These women ensure we’re providing the best possible service by helping us find and retain the best possible people. Thank you to Dianna and Lesley for all the magical behind the scenes work you do to help our team and our customers!