The last time we checked in with an ALLO department, we covered network design, which is kind of like explaining the advanced mathematical theories behind what makes us awesome.  This time we’re tackling fiber design, which is like the blackboard and chalk to network design, the physical tools we need to make the calculations possible. This team is responsible for creating and maintaining ALLO’s splice designs. For a quick refresher on how splicing plays into the bigger ALLO equation, check out our construction page here. Ultimately, the fiber design team is mapping and maintaining the fiber route, which leads directly to your home or business.

Dylan is a member of our Fiber Design team in Lincoln. He earned his degree is in Applied Science and Architectural Engineering and is putting that education to excellent use each day at ALLO. Alongside his work at ALLO, he is going on year three with the Air National Guard. Dylan applied at ALLO after hearing of our plans to build Lincoln saying, “It sounded like a company with incredible potential, a place for my career to grow.” When he’s not working or serving our country, he’s got a host of extracurricular interests including skiing, hunting, and putting in time with his pride and joy “Ol’ Blue,” a 1967 F-250. Like many in our ALLO family, Dylan hails from rural Nebraska and a family of hard-working farmers. He says, “I wouldn’t trade that for anything, it made me who I am today.”

Russ heads up our Fiber Design Team in Western Nebraska and explains, “A big reason I enjoy what I do is because of the people I work with, there are so many incredibly talented people that I get to interact with and learn from every day.” He entered the telecommunications field in 1997, and yes, you’re doing the math right, he says he’s built a memorable and enjoyable career over the past 20 years. When it comes to ALLO vs. the other guys, Russ is a firm believer that we offer the superior product and explains, “We actually care about the customer experience and as individuals, we know to go the extra mile for them every day.” Outside of ALLO, he’s often spending time with his family (he’s up to FIVE daughters now), enjoying audio books, disc golfing, or his latest endeavor, learning the guitar. He says he’s most proud of his daughters and their accomplishments in dance and music.

Although they each work on nearly opposite ends of the state, we got a kick out of learning that they’re both Marvel fans and when it comes to Netflix binging, they’re on the exact same page. Outside of their streaming habits though, they also share an incredible passion for exceptional ALLO service and we’re thankful to have their knowledge and experience on our side.