When ALLO first opened, we had four employees working in one of the town’s oldest buildings (circa 1919) situated in the heart of one of the largest agricultural communities in the state of Nebraska. 2003 may have seen the first instance of side-eye in our home state, providing fiber optic service to rural communities sounded like an enormous, impossible task. But to the ALLO team, that was the easy part. We knew the real difference between us and the other guys would have to be more than superior technology, we set out to be a telecommunications company that actually cared for its customers. Customer focus has been our priority since day one and now with six locations and over 300 employees, we’re proud to say that hasn’t changed.

ALLO Imperial opened in 2003 but we take our home-grown roots seriously and set up shop in one of the town’s oldest business buildings.

We’re committed to hiring quality candidates who not only know their tech, but also understand our common sense approach to customer care. We’re pleased to introduce you to two of our of business support team members, Sonya and Christopher. You might think they live in a world of endless phone calls and troubleshooting but there’s lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into providing the best possible experience for our customers.

Sonya is our Hosted PBX Team Lead in Lincoln. When asked to explain something most people don’t know about her department she joked, “The definition of Hosted PBX!” To catch you up, Hosted PBX (private branch exchange) is an IP-based telephone solution provisioned and accessed through a direct local area network connection through ALLO’s servers and provides a wide range of customizeable features for our customers. One such feature is the ability to unplug your ALLO office phone, take it to a completely different location and plug it back in for the same connection no matter where you happen to land that day. Sonya handles installation coordination, provisioning and programming switches and phones, troubleshooting, phone training, and demonstrations of our service to potential customers. Her responsibilities at ALLO have given her a huge appreciation for the role phone lines play in the lives of our business customers and her background and experience made her a perfect fit for the role. In the past Sonya worked with bank software installation, network and PC support, as well as managed an IT help desk. She joined ALLO to be part of the excitement, challenge, and community impact in our new Lincoln location. Sonya makes sure to tell each customer that if they don’t like something, she’ll fix it. She believes the best aspect of our hosted service is that we have the ability and knowledge to update and adapt as our customers see fit. She says of ALLO, “I love the small company feel, the culture makes you want to come to work everyday.” She noted something that’s true and incredibly important for all of our employees and locations, “No one has an ‘office,’ our space is wide open, encouraging interaction and involvement from all levels.”

Christopher is our business support trainer out of Scottsbluff. He handles new employee training as well as producing and maintaining documentation and training materials. At ALLO, we understand that technology is constantly evolving and Christopher makes sure our team is always providing the most up-to-date information and service to our customers. The business team in our western markets is made up of 12 representatives which provides support to customers across 11 different communities. When it comes to ALLO versus the other guys, Christopher believes our ability to maintain a small company culture even during times of immense growth sets us apart. He notes, “We treat customers like they’re our family or our neighbors. Often, customer feedback is the driving force behind company decisions.” When he’s not at work, he’s often involved in fire department training, trying something new, and sometimes paying a visit to Top Golf in Denver. He says he’s most proud of serving his community with the Scottsbluff volunteer fire department, “I choose this second life because I want to be able to help others. It can be overwhelming but through all of it, you feel accomplished, not just as an individual, but as a team.” We love that Christopher maintains this ambition and team-spirited attitude in his efforts at ALLO, especially when he comes through for us as the man behind the TRex you might’ve seen on our social media accounts.

We’re thrilled to have both of these incredible team members in our ALLO fiber family and thank them for continuing to support our customer-focused model of business. Next week we’ll take a look at what it takes to run ALLO at the executive level.