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Step 1: Build Your Package

Enjoy the freedom of customization! At ALLO, we want you to get all the features and services you want - and nothing you don't. Choose from internet, TV, and phone services that match your needs. And when you choose more than one service, you'll save! With ALLO, it's all about you.


Choose your internet speed

All speeds are for both download and upload.

Choose your internet options:
Learn More The ALLO Blast uses the latest and greatest Wi-Fi 6 technology to maximize the power of your fiber internet service. Please note: this product is not currently compatible with any TV packages.


TV Packages not available with ALLO Blast.

Find out more.

Pick number of channels
What channels are included?
Over 100 channels, including Locals
What channels are included?
20+ channels

Requires internet or phone service.

Choose your TV options:
Minimum of 1 required.
+$5$5/box for the first 5 boxes, $3/box for 6+ boxes
FREE for 90 days*
What channels are included?
What channels are included?
What channels are included? Includes Locals, Basic, Expanded, Audio Channels, Premium Movie Channels, Whole Home DVR, and HD Equipment.
Choose your premium channels
21 Channels What channels are included?
11 Channels What channels are included?
10 Channels What channels are included?
19 Channels What channels are included?
20 Channels What channels are included?
What channels are included?
Live NFL coverage every Sunday during the regular football season. One-time charge, good for the entire season. See more info at RedZone TV.



Unlimited 48-state calling and FREE features including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, and Call Forwarding

Choose your phone options:
Keeps your phone service working when the power is out.
If you choose to do this, we will waive the $150 security deposit.

Waive Security Deposit

Please select at least one of the following options:

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