Being an ALLO residential customer just got even better, three times better in fact. Effective immediately, we’ve tripled our standard internet speed from 100Mbps to 300Mbps for all residential customers. Not just new residential customers, all residential customers. So you get triple the speed for the same price with no gimmicks, no limits, no kidding.

Why? Because we can. An ongoing dedication to cutting-edge technology and network improvement means that we can easily support increased speed and volume. It’s really more than greater network capacity though; we’re doing it because our customers deserve it. We’re in the business of providing a service that must evolve with the needs of our customers and their increasingly connected lives. So instead of giving you an “up to” speed with loads of fine print, we’re providing the consistent, flawless service experience you signed up for when you chose ALLO.

We’re thrilled to have upgraded all of our customers already and want to emphasize, you don’t actually need to do anything to receive it. It’s already done, and it costs you nothing. With 300Mbps internet you can download 100 songs in 15 seconds, upload 500 photos in about 37 seconds, and download an HD movie in 25 seconds.

It is important to note that not all wireless devices are created equally. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your ALLO internet:

  • For the best speed, connect to your 5Ghz network. If your device doesn’t show the network as an option in your WiFi list, it probably can’t support 5Ghz technology or 300Mbps speed.
  • Everyone knows the distance from your router can affect your speed, but it turns out you can also be too close to your router. We recommend being five to ten feet away from your router for optimum performance.
  • The wide range of wireless devices available today makes it difficult for us to say for sure which specific devices are capable of experiencing our standard internet speed. However, in many cases, if your device is 2+ years old, it may not have the required hardware to fully utilize your new 300Mbps upgrade.
  • We dive into the nitty-gritty of device capabilities and environmental limitations and invite you to dig into all the technical details here.

Our team is constantly striving to find new ways to show love to our fiber fans. Recent ideas included a massive “hug a fiber fan” effort to deliver a heartfelt ALLO hug to each customer. We also considered a pancake breakfast and eating contest, can you eat faster than your ALLO WiFi? But we’re feeling pretty good about where our brainstorming landed this time. Our 300Mbps speed increase is like a hug for your connection, from us to you, and just slightly better than pancakes.