Recently we have had reports from customers about a security warning on their computers (pictured below) that appears to be from ALLO. We want customers to know this is a scam and is in no way associated with ALLO Communications. In fact, there is never a situation where our system would send a message to you via pop-up notification or warning.


We do not recommend clicking on any links or calling any phone numbers associated with the warning as the end result is a danger to your personal information and computer security. The scam aims to intimidate customers into releasing personal information and purchasing unnecessary and possibly fraudulent security software. And, for the scam icing on the hacker cake, they will send you a bill for technical support.






This scam is actually a form of malware which is an abbreviation for malicious software. It sounds bad because it is, it’s loaded onto your computer without your consent and may include viruses and spam like the above message. In really bad cases the malware may cause your computer to crash, may spread to friends and coworkers, can create a digital path back to your device for crimes you have nothing to do with, and allows access to your internet activity which means they can see where you shop and browse online. All of these issues open you up to some major security problems, the goal is to gain access to all the private information stored on your devices, sensitive information you’d rather not share.


There are many ways to safeguard yourself and your devices against these attacks:

  • Use a reputable anti-virus software and make sure it updates regularly
  • Do not give out your ID or Password, for your devices or your wireless network
  • Be aware of virus symptoms: system crashing, slow device performance, unfamiliar anti-virus warnings and pop-ups
  • Do not download or install unfamiliar programs especially if they originated from an unknown pop-up notification
  • Do not open e-mail attachments from unknown senders
  • Do not forward virus warnings to friends or co-workers


If you happen to fall victim to one of these attacks we highly recommend getting your device checked out by a professional. ALLO does not currently provide anti-virus software or support but we do recommend some local companies who can help you detect and eliminate malicious software:

  • Scottsbluff: Connecting Point 308-632-5514
  • Scottsbluff: Advancing Technology 308-220-3227
  • Scottsbluff: Bytes 308-635-2983
  • North Platte: Integrated Computers 308-534-1500
  • North Platte: Computer Troubleshooters 308-534-3628
  • Ogallala: Home PC 308-289-4463
  • Lincoln: Five Nines 402-817-2630
  • Lincoln: Kidwell 402-475-9151
  • Lincoln: Computer Hardware 402-483-6400