As ALLO grows, so does our social team. What started as a one-woman show has grown to five recently, and we’re pleased to introduce you to Abby and Nichole this week! As with so many other ALLO departments, the social media team juggles a variety of responsibilities, but ultimately, their main concern is with the customer experience. This team is constantly interacting with our customers, responding to questions, concerns, special requests, and even sometimes just lending a sympathetic ear when you’ve had a rough day. Caring is a priority with this team so it may not be too surprising to learn that the ALLO social media crew is entirely made up of veteran moms.

Abby is our social media strategist. She works each day to create engaging and educational content and is often the one answering your burning fiber questions at 2 AM.  She says her team works hard to create a space where customers can have a positive and informative interaction with ALLO.

Abby was a stay-at-home mom to her four daughters for 12 years before joining ALLO. She joined ALLO after hearing about our reputation for quality customer care and innovative, forward-thinking. Plus, with four kids, she knows a thing or two about helping people making her a perfect fit for her customer-facing role. Abby explains, “The best part of my job is working with people who genuinely care about the customer, the company, and each other. I love the creative environment and am challenged in a new way every day.”

When she’s not answering construction questions, coming up with the next great ALLO t-shirt, or giving away free stuff to our fabulous customers, she’s most likely with her family. Abby is most proud of her husband and their four girls, “They are beautiful, kind, unique, and will always be the best part of my life.” And to highlight her ability to care and put others first, she says if given a chance to fly anywhere in the world, she’d go straight to the Dominican Republic. Not for a relaxing beach vacation, but to help out at Ninos de la Luz, an organization dedicated to providing a better life for street kids through love, education, and discipleship.

Nichole’s technical title is marketing assistant, but like so many others, she wears a variety of ALLO hats. She says most people probably don’t realize the amount of time and energy her team devotes to building and maintaining the ALLO brand both internally and externally. Nichole believes the best part of her job is being surrounded by an incredibly talented group of people, “ALLO is made up of an eclectic group of employees, and it’s fun to be involved with such a progressive company.”

We often ask employees, if they could trade jobs with anyone at ALLO, who would it be? Nichole didn’t have to think twice; she has a deep respect for our talent coordinator, Lesley and all that her position entails. If you know Nichole, this probably won’t seem surprising, our talent coordinator is often referred to as the ALLO cheerleader, and Nichole definitely knows how to boost morale. She says, “The ALLO fiber light shines bright and will only shine brighter with each employee being the best version of themselves. Helping our team shine by seeking out talent, helping with placement, and encouraging growth and development sounds like a pretty dreamy position.”

When she’s not at work, you’re most likely to see Nichole chasing after her toddler at local sporting events. She’s a sports enthusiast (and let’s be honest, that’s putting it lightly) and a gym junkie currently training for the Lincoln half marathon. As an Imperial native, her Nebraska roots run deep and says she’s a huge fan of the Chase County Longhorns and of course, the Huskers. She says becoming a mom was priority one on her bucket list and when her son Creed came around he completely changed her world, her perspective, and the face of her social media accounts. She says “His courageous spirit is so contagious and I’m so proud to be his mom.”