Tucked away in corners of the fiberhoods we serve are local nonprofits hustling and bustling to make a difference.  They’ve seen the people, heard the cries for help, and know the who, what, when, where, and why behind providing for folks in our fiberhoods. For some, their program dollars are already stretched thin, and having funds to pay for reliable internet services is impossible.

At ALLO, we understand it takes a village. People need people, and sometimes they need help. Most of us have been there at one point, and we get it. So, we mean it when we say we are grateful for the chance to give back and lend a hand to our nonprofit neighbors. Providing free 1 GIG internet to nonprofits across two states for ten years through our Community Connect program is our way of saying we care, believe in their missions, and are here to help.

“We’re excited to see what these nonprofits are capable of with ALLO fiber internet,” said Brad Moline, ALLO Fiber President. “Providing this free internet service to organizations that make a difference is a great way for us to give back. We know the Community Connect Program will do a lot of good for a lot of people.”

We can’t wait to see how the funds freed up by our donation are used to help support the incredible vision of these local nonprofits. Our goal is to provide seamless service to these local organizations so they can continue to change lives locally.

A reliable, consistent connection to the world is a powerful tool, but so are the connections we make offline.

This program is an extension of who we are at ALLO. Our leadership provides everyday examples by caring for their employees and customers. Our company is truly a people-focused place where we all thrive because of the investment in human connection.

So, as we move into the future with new members in our fiber family, we look forward to growing, thriving, and sharing the love locally.