You may have heard the news that yesterday, Google announced a new messaging app called Allo (pronounced, Aloe).  Sounds familiar right?

google allo

Google’s Allo app is a smart messaging app similar to texting but pays attention to the way you communicate and adjusts over time.  According to the Google Allo blog, it will for example, learn over time if you’re a “ha ha” or an “LOL” kind of person and offer “smart responses” based on your history.

The Google Allo app is completely unrelated to Allo Communications service.  We want to be perfectly clear, the Google Allo App belongs to Google and Allo Communications is a separate, rock star fiber optic Internet, TV, and Phone provider.

So remember, Google’s Allo is completely unrelated to our Allo.  You may need our Allo internet to access their Allo App, but that’s where we draw the line.