We just completed our fourth year of giving to schools in our communities through our ALLO for Education referral program. Over the last four summers we have reached out in our communities and encouraged people to experience the fiber difference. By joining ALLO, we gave new customers the chance to designate a school of their choosing to receive a $50 donation from ALLO. Additionally, we rewarded existing customers for spreading the ALLO for Education word with a $50 bill credit. Each year we set an ambitious goal to donate more than we did previously and, with the support of our friends and neighbors, we’ve exceeded our goal four years in a row.

When we support our schools and promote education, we build a brighter tomorrow for everyone in our communities. Our ALLO President Brad Moline commented on our dedication to staying local, saying “ALLO believes in giving back to the communities we serve and what better way than to support the local schools?” The ALLO for Education donation numbers over the past four years prove that our communities have a strong desire to invest in their schools and that’s something ALLO is happy to support.

ALLO team members will be presenting donation checks to local schools over the next several weeks, congratulating our students, educators, and parents on another successful year!

2017 Donation Totals

Alliance $8,150

Bridgeport $1,000

Gering $10,000

North Platte $15,150

Ogallala $3,300

Scottsbluff $19,900

  • Rodney Wilhelm

    at St. Agnes Academy in Alliance we were notified of receiving a
    donation for Allo for Education. The local office came with a huge
    photo op check made out for $2,300. We received a check near the end of
    November for $800. Our local office put in many calls on our behalf
    and just today, February 1st, we were told it was a misprinted check and
    the true amount was actually for $800. While we are still grafeful for this donation, you can’t believe the
    disappointment we are feeling. St. Agnes even switched over our
    internet and telephone service to Allo. What makes it worse is the
    department responsible isn’t owning up to their mistake. Both our local
    office and ourselves were being ignored. I believe the head office owes
    an apology to St. Agnes for this mistake. I also hope the incorrect
    amount is what is being told to the public. Thank you to our local
    office for their support.

    • Good Morning Rodney! Thank you for taking the time to loop us in. We are deeply sorry for the confusion regarding the donations to your school. Please know, our team has every intention of making it right and will be reaching out to you in person as soon as possible to communicate further.