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Our phone products support you, your family and your lifestyle at a pleasing price.

We offer you dependable, crystal clear telephone service with great rates, plenty of options, no contracts and free features.

No high pressure commitment and no need to memorize a new number. We help you stay connected with the same phone number you’ve always had.

Standard features for your home phone can help simplify your life.


What’s more fun than talking to a friend? Talking to two friends!
Enjoy 3 Way Calling feature, standard in all phone packages – no extra charge for laughter. Now if you could just get a word in!


Manage who you talk to and when with Caller ID, Number Block, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Free Voicemail. Less missed calls for you and more dismissed calls from them.


Save time and effort without spending a dime. Get Speed Calling feature for free and use 1 or 2 digit shortcut dialing codes for all of your friends. Who doesn't love simple?

Phone features

  • 3 Way Calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Speed Calling
  • Number Block
  • Collect/3rd Party Block
  • Caller ID on your TV (with ALLO TV package)
  • Unlimited Long Distance (48 contiguous U.S. states)

We also offer 10 incredible upgrades to improve your communications, giving you:


With Sim Ring, your home phone number can also ring up to 5 cell phones. That means you can be outside grabbing the mail and not miss that call. Your home business could benefit too.

Simplify and Control

Keep the kids’ phone separate by adding a teen line in your home. You create a second line for the kids eliminating the need for extended cell phone service plans and tracking shared minutes. Simple! Getting them to pick up their room? Not as much.

Phone upgrades

  • Non-Listed
  • Sim Ring
  • Additional Line
  • Inside Wiring Insurance
  • Non-Published
  • Additional Listing
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Home Phone/ Mobile Phone

Read more about Residential Features.

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